Beer List

Beers subject to change based on availability of fresh hop beers.

Blue Point Brewing Co.

Wet Hop Pils
Wet Hop Pale Ale

Brickhouse Brewery

SMaSH Beer - Doing their first ever SMASH beer (Single Malt Single Hop) using cascade from Condezella farms on LI. 100% Vienna malt, LI cascade wet hops, and kölsch ale yeast fermented cool to preserves all those beautiful aromas.
21 Club

Chatham Brewing

Hop Crop
Bombo Genesis Double IPA


Dry Hopped

Dogfish Head

60 Minute IPA
90 Minute IPA

Great South Bay Brewery

Splashing Pumpkin

Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.

Pale Ale - Made w/50% local grain and Chinook Hops from NOFO Hops
Leaf Pile

Indian Ladder Farms Brewery/Cidery

Brewers Gold Cider
Dr. Paul Matthews IPA

Jamesport Farm Brewery - LI’s Newest Brewery

Fresh Hop Winedout - Made with their home grown LI Hops
Barnswallow Brown
Pumpkin Spice
Rows & Hoes IPA

Lithology Brewing Co.

American Pale Ale - An all NY ingredient pale ale fermented on a strain of wild yeast they harvested, isolated, and propagated themselves. Truly a NY beer!

Long Ireland Beer Co.

Fresh Hop Co-op - Session IPA (featuring hops from LI HOPS/WESNOFSKE FARMS/NORTH FORK HOPS)  

Moustache Brewing Co.

Kilned Collab-Forgotten Oats

Port Jeff Brewing Co.

Pale Ale - 100% Cascade hops from Condzella farms
IPA Variant

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Pale Ale

Southampton Publick House

North Fork Fresh Hop ESB - These hops have been grown for them the last 11 years by Gian Mangeri at Laurel Creek Landscape Nursery. 

Stormalong Cider

Dry Hop

Stowe Cider

Safety Meeting

Tweaking Frog Brewing Co.

Fresh Hop IPA - 100% LI Hops
Red Ribbit
Ex Wife (ESB)
Foggy Memories APA

Urban Farm Fermentory

Hopped Cidah